June 28, 2009

Welcome to Poof….Happy Home

Hello my sweet blogging friends. It’s taken quite a bit of time but I finally have a NEW HOME here in blog land. I’m SO excited to show YOU my new blog design. It’s all about creating a Happy Home…. Filled with Warmth and Charm….sprinkled with touches of whimsy in unexpected places…:) With so many amazing talented bloggers and designers out in our blogging circle,  It’s very tough these days to be Original and find a Style all your own. My poor mind was just about to BUST wide open with ideas and thoughts on what exactly I wanted. After many months of thinking and note making…Saving the Good Ones and scratching out the ones that didn’t reflect ME, This is what I finally decided on….And it is definitely My Style and I just know I am going to LOVE it here for a very long time…:)

Home 11 Lg

So come along with me…and Let’s Play House…Make and Bake….find the Happy Hostess that we all know we can be….and learn creative ideas on how to Throw a Party…!!!
Details 22The Magic is Poof Power….That’s so true you know and it’s really very easy. Come with me as I open up MY HOME and share with YOU a little Poof Magic that will add a little Happiness to YOUR HOME….
Spring House 10There is one important thing that you
Must Learn about Poof Power,  Everyone has it…Yes we do. Sometimes all that is needed is the confidence to Get Started and after that you will be amazed at what YOU can do to Make Your Home a Happy place to be….:) All you have to do is Poof It….!!!
Poof Fairy It’s a Happy Home
Love and Hugs,

Playing House


Because there truly is……No Place Like Home…..
This is where I will open up My Home and invite YOU in as I go from room to room, corner to corner, inside and out, adding and creating warm personal touches in each and every place and space…:)
House 7
From picking out the House Plan to choosing each and every stick and stone, erasing one whole end of the plan and drawing it back the way I wanted it to be, creating rooms that didn’t exist and making it just PERFECT…As you might imagine, this took So Much time and then it took 18 months to have it built…But So Worth it.
House 4
I had Always Dreamed of having a Big ole’ Southern Porch….you know, one of those porches big enough to place furniture and other charming pieces on and to be able to just Sit There, even when it’s Pouring Rain and not have to run inside for fear of getting wet. I LOVE to go out my porches when it rains. It’s So relaxing and I LOVE IT…!!!

House 3
I wanted the Porch on the Side of our home because it was a feature that you don’t see on most homes. Why build something like everyone else…Our house plan did not have porches, except for the front. We added this on ourselves and not only did it give us an outside haven it added So much Charm and Style to the curb appeal. I have NEVER regretted the expense of my porches.
G Party 29 No matter Where you build Your Nest…..Enjoy your little spot that you call Home and remember to add a little Poof Power along the way. This is what makes Your Home say Welcome, Come In. It’s the love and warmth that Hugs You as you roam from room to room. It’s the Smiles that just don’t seem to go away…. Thanks for visiting me and I hope you will come back often as I share some Poofing Magic all through my home. Until then, I hope you enjoy a little fluffing and poofing in a special corner of your own. It will make you feel like royalty.
Poof FairyYou’re the Queen….
Love and Hugs,

Making and Baking

Beach 1

Mixing and Stirring,
Eggs on the floor,
Licking the Spoon,
Till there’s No More….

Join me Here, for yummy recipes, cooking, baking, sewing and crafting. And All things Homemade…:)

This delicious Banana Milk Cake will make you mouth water just looking at it. And after that first bite, well…you’re in Heaven….!!!! Now…I’m not sharing the recipe today because I have Dinner Guest arriving any time now and my time is running short. But I PROMISE to come back later and give you all the instructions on How to Make and Bake this Yummy treat…!!!
Beach 2 Poof Fairy It’s Gone…!!!!
Love and Hugs,

Happy Hostess

SHE was a Happy Hostess, from the Holidays to the Everydays…..SHE was always in Style. This is where I’ll be sharing with you some Happy Hostess Ideas for entertaining. For starters, lets grab an apron.
Apron 4medI know most of you have seen my Apron Collection…But guess what. I have More…:) And I’ll be showing you those in another post.
Apron Pink Med

Apron 19

And I just can’t Wait…:) Soon I’ll have to look for another place to hang them, since my hooks are getting stuffed full.

Apron 44 Then we need just the right Serving Pieces to add Charm…Romance and Whimsy to our tables. And this is one of My Favorites. It’s my Ribbon Cake Stand…. Just insert some Ribbon for a Perfect touch of charm. Change the ribbon for any Reason or Season.Ribbon Cake stand med26

Flip it Over….and Poof, it’s a chip and dip dish. How clever…:)

Cake Plate upside med

Perfect for fruit, crackers or chips placed around the bottom, with your savory or sweet dip in the center bowl….Delicious and Yummy…!!!!
Apron 31 Even Minnie is a Happy Hostess….:) So come on back soon and lets get started with some more Fun and Easy ways to entertain. Making our gatherings and parties stress free so we can enjoy our guest once they arrive…..
Poof Fairy
You’ll be happy…!!!
Love and Hugs,

Graduation Party FUN…!!!

She was officially OUT OF SCHOOL….Graduated….and heading to college. But NOT before we Celebrated Her Big Day….!!!

Poof Party 10Guest couldn’t miss the Party Spot….From balloons to banners the house was all decked out and everyone was Ready To Party..!!!
Poof Party 12

Inside on the kitchen counter, a message from her Mom was a reminder that our little girl has grown up. Where have the years gone.
Poof Party 13Outside was where the Party was gathering….Oh how Cool…A Snow Cone machine for making your own Icy Drinks….Katie was loving it all.
Poof Party 3She was ready to get wet on the BIG SLIDE….But her eye caught a glimpse of some Yummy Treats….:)

Poof Party 2

Poof Party 4

I think the adults had as much fun Playing in the Cotton Candy and trying to Master the Art of HOW to swirl it on the stick…..Mike is looking Very Serious here, but it seemed he was getting the hang of it.

Poof Party 5 Inside the Party Room was Food and Fun touches were everywhere…A pretty festive Party Banner from Party Pops added a fun personal touch.
Poof Party 1 With matching Cupcake Party Picks. These were also used on the cake slices.
Poof Party 8But the Biggest Hit of all was the Huge Blow-Up Water Slide that not only had a water fall running down it, they added liquid Soap to make it Very Slick…It was so much fun just to watch all those Kids…Big and Small….having a Blast, without a care in the world…:)
Poof Party 6 LOOK at their Faces….LOL..!!!! They came down SO Fast and bouncing So High….What Fun…And No, I didn’t try it…:) And, they came down it Groups…!!!
Poof Party 7 And these were Star Students who had just graduated, some with huge scholarships and awards, Football players, Year Book Editors, heading off to college in a few short weeks, but for Today, they were Just Kids having Fun, Playing together as if they were still in grade school….:) They had a blast. And I think this next picture will sum it all up.
Poof Party 9 What more can I say….
Poof Fairy It was Fun…!!!!
Love and Hugs,

June 27, 2009

Happy Doxie

Meet Pearl Girl…..often known as “Silly”….
that’s because she’s So  Funny..!!!

I PROMISED Her….She could be a COVER GIRLand She’s been waiting,...patiently....to get HER CHANCE in the Spotlight….!!! Just Look at that face. SHE deserves her time to shine and be a Star…:) Don’t you think..!!!

So Miss Pearl Girl….Here’s Your Page, all for YOU…:)

Pearl 1 SM

Pearl 8 Pearl 15
Didn’t I tell you SHE was…..SILLY…:)Peral

SHE is So Happy now that She is a COVER GIRL…:)
Hope you enjoy this  edition of …..
The Adventures of Miss Pearl….:) 

Little Pearl came into our lives a year an a half ago after losing our preciousBelle…..who was struck and killed by a car while we were out in the yard putting up Christmas decorations. Not only did we see the car hit her, our granddaughters were there with us and our world fell apart. We were heart broken….A few weeks later, our granddaughter found our little Pearl….although she did not replace Belle, SHE is as Special and Sweet and fills our days with Fun and Brightness….and keeps us smiling even when we don’t always feel like it.
Here she is when we first brought her home….Just LOOK at this Face….Who could Not Love Her….!!! It was Love at First Sight….:)
This was Her First Christmas…:)

Here are some of My Favorite pictures of her…..
Pearl_7From the very beginning SHE wanted to Snuggle Close….Here she is sitting on the foot pedal of my sewing machine…  I had to nudge her off every time I started to sew…!!!

She drug this scarf over in the kitchen, got it all straightened out so she would have a place to lay close to us while we were preparing dinner….Then Snuggled Up and fell asleep….How Sweet…!!!

Crown 9

 Check out her Diva Doxie shirt…!!! Gotta Love It..!!!…:):):)

Crown 1

Doxie Kisses….!!!!
Dance 28 Dance 20 SHE hosted a Pearl Party….and was So Excited to have her friends over.
Doggie 0123 p close

Her table was set and SHE was Ready to Party…!!!
Sale 22 Checking out last minute details while waiting for Her Friends to arrive….. 
Sale 25 
Then the party began…..and Her Guest went Wild….!!!!
Sale 31

Lilly and Lucy made their selections and got a Free Treat  to enjoy…:):) sale 45

Sale 40  sale 34
Her Party was a success and a Nap was needed after all the fun was over….!!!

Sale 46
I’ll be sharing More of Her sweet and silly life here at Happy Home…..  
Poof Fairy She’s a Happy Doxie….!!!!

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