June 28, 2009

Graduation Party FUN…!!!

She was officially OUT OF SCHOOL….Graduated….and heading to college. But NOT before we Celebrated Her Big Day….!!!

Poof Party 10Guest couldn’t miss the Party Spot….From balloons to banners the house was all decked out and everyone was Ready To Party..!!!
Poof Party 12

Inside on the kitchen counter, a message from her Mom was a reminder that our little girl has grown up. Where have the years gone.
Poof Party 13Outside was where the Party was gathering….Oh how Cool…A Snow Cone machine for making your own Icy Drinks….Katie was loving it all.
Poof Party 3She was ready to get wet on the BIG SLIDE….But her eye caught a glimpse of some Yummy Treats….:)

Poof Party 2

Poof Party 4

I think the adults had as much fun Playing in the Cotton Candy and trying to Master the Art of HOW to swirl it on the stick…..Mike is looking Very Serious here, but it seemed he was getting the hang of it.

Poof Party 5 Inside the Party Room was Food and Fun touches were everywhere…A pretty festive Party Banner from Party Pops added a fun personal touch.
Poof Party 1 With matching Cupcake Party Picks. These were also used on the cake slices.
Poof Party 8But the Biggest Hit of all was the Huge Blow-Up Water Slide that not only had a water fall running down it, they added liquid Soap to make it Very Slick…It was so much fun just to watch all those Kids…Big and Small….having a Blast, without a care in the world…:)
Poof Party 6 LOOK at their Faces….LOL..!!!! They came down SO Fast and bouncing So High….What Fun…And No, I didn’t try it…:) And, they came down it Groups…!!!
Poof Party 7 And these were Star Students who had just graduated, some with huge scholarships and awards, Football players, Year Book Editors, heading off to college in a few short weeks, but for Today, they were Just Kids having Fun, Playing together as if they were still in grade school….:) They had a blast. And I think this next picture will sum it all up.
Poof Party 9 What more can I say….
Poof Fairy It was Fun…!!!!
Love and Hugs,

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