September 25, 2009

Boo To You

Halloween Boo Banner MedI’ve spent the last couple of weeks finishing up some urgent business projects and making New Pictures for our web site. AND…as New Products are starting to arrive, they seem to be piling up faster than I can rip those boxes open to see what treasures are tucked inside. One of My Favorites is this charming Candy Apple Candle…!!!   
Candy Apple Candle medIt’s battery operated  and has a Warm Flickering Candle Light……SO Charming…!!!!  To add more Charm and Whimsy to BOO YOU, how do you like this fun and funky Halloween Sisal Tree. 

Halloween Bottle Brush Tree medBlack and Orange Stripe and is complete with Dangling Black Spider…..

Just too adorable..!!! 
I made the Boo Banner that will end up with my Halloween collection in my breakfast room hutch…

My sweet hubby has carried all those tubs of treasures from the basement and placed them all around the room to make it easy for me to decorate this year. It’s a “Real Bummer” not being able to get around at a normal speed… So this week end, I’ll be digging out my goodies and adding them to all my New Finds…..

Other new items we’ve added are these Sweet Cupcake Papers and Picks….
Simply Adorable…..!!!

Halloween Cupcake Close lg
AND…..I just know you are going to Love these whimsical ceramic Halloween Place Card Holders….I do…:):):)
Halloween placecard holders med Tip for making your Cupcake Papers show up Really Pretty…Just bake them in ordinary inexpensive papers and when you’re ready to serve them, remove those papers and place your Sweet Treats inside one of these Pretty Liners….
and POOF…you’re ready to Party..!!!

Cupcake Picks Halloween 1 lg Cupcake Liners Orange swirl medThese pretty Cupcake Paper Liners come in lots of pretty colors and designs and can be found on our web site at

Watch for more ideas using fancy Cupcake papers and picks…:) 
OK…I’ll be back on Monday with some Fall and Halloween decorating around our home. So come on back and visit me again for MORE….Boo To You…!!!
Until then…watch the leaves falling…visit an apple orchard… make a yummy pumpkin pie…sip on a cup of Hot Chocolate….Spend some precious time with your family……and Most of All…Find time for YOU..!!! See you soon,
Poof Fairy 2
Life is Good…!!! 
OH, I almost forgot, these new products can be found on our web site at,  Thanks..:)


September 07, 2009

Test Kitchen

Cook 27 We just got some samples of our New Cupcake Mixes that we had developed Just for Us” to add to our gourmet product line. Since the girls were here this week end, I thought, what better time to Test the Recipes...!!!  The girls picked out their aprons while I gathered all the necessary bowls and ingredients and Little Katie was Ready to BAKE….:):):)
Cook 9 She was so excited and had so much fun just putting the cupcake liners in the baking pan.
Cook 1 Cook 2
In goes the mix and the red handled whisk that Katie chose to use.
Cook 5 Cook 12

Cook 6

These mixes are SO Kid Friendly….No Eggs or Oil….All that was needed was water and Mayo…Yes, Mayonnaise. What a great idea. No worry over uncooked cake batter.
Cook 7 Cook 8 
SHE had So Much Fun….and it was So Easy to make…!!! Soon it was time to fill up the papers with Yummy Cake Batter. Cook 15  Cook 14 And keeping all those Little Fingers out of the uncooked treat was impossible…:):):)  Then it was time to Lick the spoon..or whisk..!!!

Cook 13
And put them in the oven ….Look how proud they were

Cook 17BUT…there was More Testing to be done. We actually have three different flavors to try. So while the “Birthday Cake” flavor was baking in the oven, we started on the Halloween Dark Chocolate Mix…This mix comes with tiny chocolate chips that melt inside the cake while baking. Just Yummy….!!! 
Cook 18Different Mix….Same recipe…Just add water and Mayo, mix and bake….!!! 
Cook 20

  Cook 21 Cook 22
This was Katie’s Favorite….and Chocolate spattered out All Over the Place…:):):)

Cook 23The girls really questioned putting “Mayonnaise” in their Cupcakes…They’d never head of THAT before…!!!  But it only took a few LICKS and I knew that these New Mixes were going to be a Hit…!!!
Cook 24Cook 25
OK…One more flavor…..Christmas Peppermint Cupcakes…
Cook 27Watch this pretty mix turn PINK when water is added…Oh So Pretty..
Cook 28  Cook 29
This delicious mix has just the right blend of Peppermint giving it a Yummy Soft hint of flavor. And LOOK at the color. LOVE IT…:)
Cook 30Cook 31 
The more we mixed, the more Katie’s apron was showing the drips of this yummy drippy cake batter…
Guess I’ll be putting the Apron in a cleaning test…:):)
Cook 33
Then the last uncooked taste for today….!!! 
Cook 34 Katie was Happy and we all had So Much Fun…!!!
Cook 32 Cook 35
By the time we were done with ALL THREE mixes…my poor knee had just about had it and I was one tired Gran
…LOL…:):):) So we skimped on the icing, not to worry, it was Delicious, just not as Pretty as they could should have been. Do you think that bothered us….Of course NOT….!!! These yummy Cupcakes didn’t need perfect toppings. All that was needed was a napkin. Get out of our way, WE HAVE CUPCAKES…..They were all SO delicious…!!
Mallory 1Mallory was HOME from College this week end. Between the Brittney Spears Concert and waking up extremely ill yesterday morning and had to be taken to the doctor, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with HER….:(:(:( She’s still sick, but is on the road today headed back. I MISS HER so very much. 
That’s it for ME today…:) I hope YOU had a good holiday this week end. Spending time with family is priceless…and I cherish each moment that comes my way. Baking with my girls is like pouring Memories in the Oven…:) Take some special time with YOUR little ones, cuz before you know it,
Poof Fairy They’re Gone…!!!
PS….You can find the adorable aprons on my web site    Thanks…:)

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