August 24, 2010

Something Fishy

Happy Happy Birthday to our Little Katie…!!!  And SHE Celebrated in style at her Little Mermaid Party.
Sherry went all out creating the PERFECT PARTY for Katie and her guest….She made all the Party Hats…Banner and Favor Treat Bags
We provided the adorable POLKA DOT BALLOONS….!!!
They add SO much FUN to your Party Tables……
A little note here: 
The person blowing up the balloons did not fill them entirely up. They should have been SO MUCH BIGGER…. 
But they were Still  SO Adorable…!!!!
Sweet little PB & J  Sandwiches cut out like little Fish….
Sweetly wrapped eating utensils with custom stickers and an adorable
Birthday Party Sign  
DSC02102 DSC02113

And of course a Banner for the Party Table…..LOVE IT….!!! 
Just look at those adorable fish

Sherry made the cutest FISHING GAME for the girls to Go Fish…!!!
The girls had So much FUN FISHING…and catching cute Mermaid prizes
And look at these CUTE CUTE Buckets with their names on them
to put their Catch in…:)
And then there was the BEAN BAG TOSS game that Sherry made….
Another FUN activity for the girls to enjoy….
Then on to the CAKE and other party treats….!!!
Yes….Sherry made these fun Cake Toppers too…
And Sweet Little Mermaid Cupcakes….Yummy…!!!
Katie made her WISHES….Then blew out her candles
Then on to the HER Favorite thing ….. Opening  PRESENTS…:)
It was finally TIME to GO SWIM like a Little Mermaid…!!!!
I can’t believe SHE is now FOUR…Has it really been that long. Thanks for a wonderful party and precious time spent among family and friends.  I’m SO proud of my daughter and her amazing talent.
And so the PARTY GIRL giggles and squirms in delight as she becomes a Four Year Old…..and off to enjoy being a Big Girl now…!!!
Hug YOUR Little Ones and keep them close….for all too soon they’ll Grow Up and so the circle continues…:)
For all these wonderful custom Party items,
visit Sherry at:

For the cutest Polka Dot Balloons and more …. Go to My Store at 

Come back SOON for more Party and Decorating Ideas…
 hh_sig I’m off to create something NEW…!!!


August 22, 2010

Invitation To Nibble

Meet me on the Porch….:)

Nbble_12_2Pink Lemonade is waiting in the tea pot and sweetly reminds you of HOME.....This treasure is from my Susan Branch collection. Vintage glasses with jaded filled edges wait to be filled. They are proudly perched on my Martha Stewart Cake Stand from her wonderful collection of jade ware

A home made oatmeal cookie tied up in soft Pink Ribbon might be looked upon by friends as not to disturb it's beauty. No problem though, save it to be enjoyed later.....ALONE......:)
Among the clustered pots of luscious blooms.....the afternoon treats are tempting and begging for whispers of long overdue secrets......Among Friends.....:)
Lady Fingers fill the Rose topped jar and keeping company with French vanilla Crème Filled rolled Wafers....
Nibble slowly on these delicate tea delights.....Flip through Favorite Magazines and share your entertaining style. Plan an ice cream social.....Plant some flowers together.
Lazy_1And you are NEVER too old to lick the icing from the middle of the cookies.....then dunk the rest in your yummy CHOCOLATE shake.

LazyI know Pearl.....YOU want one of those cookies really bad....And you've been So Sweet....Waiting with manners...I PROMISE I'll give you one..
OK......I KNOW I've made you WANT one too.....Grab your cookie jar and a Cold Delicious Drink.....Head on out on the porch.....Kick off your shoes and enjoy.......A few LAST DAYS OF SUMMER…!!!
Gracefully Speaking........ " Now in a Cottage built of lilacs and laughter, I know the meaning of the words " ever-after "......:) Sweet words wrap themselves around the upper edge and makes you feel comfy and cozy relaxing on a Lazy Summer Day.

NibbleJust be Happy spending time together....talking about old times.....
Pull out the seats and gather round. Listen to the sounds of a nearby fountain.....
Watch geese splash in the distant pond.....

And as the Teakettle says.......
Where ever the teakettle sings from Happiness .....
THAT IS HOME......!!!!

Thanks for Nibbling with me.....:)
hh_sig I’ll be back soon..:)

Join Me

When I was invited to an End of Summer Garden Party, I knew it would be fit for a I gathered my sun visor, sun glasses and my favorite pink silk purse, oh and of course my camera. 
Celebrating an end to Warm Days on the porch….what a pleasant way to end the season.....:) Here is a little friend that sits quietly on my back porch. He keeps good company with another fellow who watches over things when I'm away....

Most of you know that I do NOT use Real flowers. No I have to admit that I am NOT a Real Gardner like so many of you.....But I LOVE beautiful flowers and fill my home and porches with them....Why worry with watering when they LOOK THIS REAL…:)
Instead of taking you into a garden at my home, I decided that when you visit me you can take a little break and enjoy a glass of tea and maybe a sweet summer treat out on MY PORCH
I have it all set up for you and when you arrive, I will just need to fill up the pitchers and tea pots with refreshing tea and bring out the sweet treats. Just PICK your favorite and enjoy....!!

G_party_17You'll feel right at HOME being served from these Charming Dessert Plates.....I LOVE the metal shoe planter with the colorful flowers poked inside.....

The linen tablecloth is another treasure from my April Cornell collection.
Just look at all the detail.....:)

The soothing sounds of water trickling from our water fountain sets the mood for a lovely Garden Party......


Ok…a few more Containers of Happy Pots and then it’s TIME for Treats…!!!
And the
one that makes me SMILE the most, is the one my daughter gave me last year on Mother's Day.......FLOWER sweet....:) :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit today. Please stop by and…..
If I don't answer the door, please come in and you'll find me waiting for YOU.....out on the PORCH.....:)

I must HURRY….There are tasty treats to bring out….So please join me next time for lovely chats on the porch and share a glass of Sweet Iced Tea. For SOON, Summer will be fading away as we invite Crispy Afternoons with Fall Delights and begin to enjoy MORE time…Out on the Porch…!!!
hh_sig I’m off to grab the treats…!!!!

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