February 24, 2010

Prayer Request….

In my last post, I mentioned my sweet hubby being sick on our trip last week. We hurried back home on Friday in time for him to see HIS doctor and was told it was a bad viral infection……Go home…take this medicine and let it run it’s course….!!!!  Although I was quite “uneasy” about this diagnosis, since he was SO SICK and had been for the past few days, I TRUSTED what we were told.

Nothing changed with him and by Monday morning I INSISTED he go again. We went to the Emergency Room and a few hours later HE was having emergency surgery. He had a hole in his colon, tons of air and bile in side him which had inflated his abdomen into a HUGE balloon and was literally being poisoned by it all this entire time.

I’ve NEVER seen my hubby THAT SICK or in that much PAIN…EVER…!!! The surgeon told us he was a VERY SICK man and it was serious. His 3 hour surgery was over at midnight Monday and of course he spent yesterday in ICU.  They’ve moved him to a regular room now and will be there for about a week. They had to do a colostomy which is temporary and he will need to go back for a second surgery in two to three months to remove it and repair his colon. Thank God it’s not cancer….!!!

He has a long road in front of him and one that really has me scared. PLEASE keep HIM in your PRAYERS…!!!!

He’s my knight in shining armor, my sweetheart and he took such great care of ME the past few months with my broken knee and surgery. He was there every second, helping me get back on my feet…waiting on me, babying me…taking me to physical therapy three times a week, doing it ALL… EVERYTHING…!!!

He’s simply THE BEST and everyone LOVES him…!!!

We are a TRUE LOVE STORY and I’m a LUCKY GIRL to have had this man sent to ME…!!!

Now it’s MY TURN to take care of him …!!! …. And I will….. I’ll do my best to keep you posted with the very short time I’ll have at my computer.

Please keep Bill in your prayers for a complete recovery so our Love Story may continue for many more years to come. Thanks SO much…!!!!



February 21, 2010

Put that in FRENCH, please

We were THRILLED when Canadian Book Stores….Indigo Books…contacted us about putting our gourmet products in all of their stores. They are considered the Barnes & Nobles in Canada.  After working with them for quite some time, our products are probably sitting on the shelves all across Canada by now.

French Notice the words on the tag. They required the tags to be written in French and English. No worries, we just had Tim at Captain Copy to do the translations for us. And after a few emails back and forth with the buyer, The Sugar Diva was speaking FRENCH…!!!
French 2 This was a new experience for us, one that was exciting and fun…:) Want some French Chocolate…. Here’s our Cocoa Cone below.
French 5 And a Cocoa Cone for Spring with pastel colored marshmallows….Yummy…!!!
French 6 And then one of My Favorites…..our little bag of…Cotton Tails…filled with white gumballs…will make the perfect touch for your Easter baskets….. and Oh, we’ll be sure to tie on an English speaking tag for YOU…:)
French 1 So in case you wonder WHY it takes ME…so long…in between post, well, I have to put my work first. I’ve designed several new products that I’ll be sharing with you this week. AND…I’m getting ready to start decorating for SPRING….So stay tuned, come on back and see what’s new around here.

We took a mini vacation last week. It was MY FIRST real get a way since breaking my knee seven months ago. Unfortunately, my sweet hubby became extremely ill and spent the entire time in our room…UGH…!!! And talk about another horror trip home….I swore I’d NEVER leave home again…!!! He went straight to the doctor when we got home and was told he had a really bad case of an intestinal virus. I’ve NEVER seen him this sick…ever…!!! Thankfully, he is finally feeling a tad better today. I just pray that I don’t get it now..!!

So, here’s to happy, healthy days ahead, filled with MORE Blogging and sharing with YOU….Life around my home…!!!

I’ll be back Soon…promise…:)
Poof Fairy
 I’ll have a Surprise….:)

February 12, 2010

Happy Hearts

My HEART is HAPPY…..yes, happy with thoughts of those I LOVE and things I LOVE….!!!  I LOVE snow, however, since our yard has been WHITE since before Christmas, I’m not loving it quite as much right now…!!! This is what my poor porch looks like...
Home Winter 8 Home Winter 9
And I LOVE my porch….it’s frozen and just waiting for SPRING to arrive. And I LOVE this banner that I use in our breakfast room during the winter with my collection of Snowmen…

Home Winter 1 This winter has put a new meaning to this word….Glisten…I’ve actually had to close my blinds on those few sunny days we’ve had, to block out the glare of the snow. So, I’m ready to take “glisten” down and change it to this….
Home Winter 2 YES….Listen….for the birds to warm up their voices and whistle us a Happy Song….a clear sign that SPRING is just around the corner. I do LOVE my banner though and my Happy Snow Dishes with Wintery Words written all around them….
Home Winter 4 Home Winter 3 I keep my Red and White lights out too since they are are one of My Favorite Things….SO cozy and warm….and they compliment my snowman collection.
Home Winter 5 Home Winter 7
But they will all be packed up SOON…!!! This gal is READY for Sunshine and Green…. I’ve already bought fresh new flowers and I’m putting Winter to rest and will start early on Spring decorating.
My hubby just opened the back door and said….It’s snowing..!!! Ok, it’s dark and I refuse to look..!!! I will instead, concentrate on warm sunny days that can’t be too far away. And for YOU…..I’ll leave you a HEART to wish you A Happy Valentine’s Day and a warm Happy Week End with those you
Home Winter 6 Until then, keep a Happy Heart
Poof Fairy It’ll soon be SRPING…!!!
Warmest wishes,

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