June 26, 2009


You are always asking me....
Where did you GET THAT....:)

So...I've devoted a place here to point you in the right direction. This is the page where you will find my Secret Sources……we’ll they’re not really a secret, just sometimes hard to find. So I’m here to Help You Find  those sought after items that You Love…!!!   If you are looking for something that you don’t see here, just let me know. I have lots of resources to pull from….:)

One of my Most Popular items that I use a lot is my  Ribbon Cake Stand.... You can change the ribbon to match your Table Top or Party Theme…For any Season or Reason... And You can find it  HERE on my web site. Go to http://www.thesugardiva.com/

Just add ribbon and Cake.....
It's ready to serve...:)

Home 13 Lg

My NEW found FAVORITE….:)

I simply LOVE my new Battery Candles…Oh my goodness how Real They Look…!!!  And they Flicker just like Real Candles… These will be available on my web site later this year. Yes, some Good Things are WORTH the Wait…:)
Expected arrival time is around December 1st…

I know… that’s So Far Away…but not really. If you want me to Reserve these for you, let me know and I’ll be sure to do that. It’s possible that they could arrive earlier. I’ll keep you posted….Promise…!!!  Just Flip the Switch on the bottom of the candle
Poof Fairy
It’s Cozy…!!!



  1. What are YOU looking for. Let me HELP YOU find it. Just leave your wishes and comments HERE and I'll do my best to help.

    I'd also LOVE to hear your comments on this feature of my blog. Do you LIKE this. Is it helpful.

    Thank you for visiting ME...Come back often to see what else is NEW...

    And POOF...You found it...!!!

  2. I would love to get the name and manufacturer of the paint color in your eating area. It is so pretty and seems to look nice during any season.


  3. Hi Dianne, I love this website and I'm sharing it with all my girlfriends. This Christmas our grands are going to have sugar plum dreams and fun memories thanks to the sugar diva. I would like to know if you sell that cute tumbler with large polka dots that is seen on your home page.
    Also do you have a catalog I can send for.

    November 6, 2010 10:10 PM

  4. Hi Dianne,
    Just found your site. I'm wanting to know where you found the white glass candle holders with the battery operated candles. Also is that ribbon you put around the candles?



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