October 25, 2009

A Spooky Good Day

Friday was a very special day for me. Not only did I make the hour trip to my girls house for their Halloween Party, I rode in the FRONT SEAT…!!! Yes, for the first time in three months since breaking my knee, I can bend it enough now to get in the front. Not only that, I don’t need a walker anymore. I feel like a “Free Spirit” and new gal….:)  It was SO good to visit my girls. They were all decked out in their Spooky outfits and Sherry had the house spooky and fun…!!!
Hpt 4 Hpt 14
Mummy Carly with her poor little puppy and escaped prisoner Cassie were ready to party….
Hpt 3 Hpt 15
The table was all set with Bloody Punch, bread bones, cupcakes with cute festive picks and Live Bait, if you dar
Hpt 1Hpt 8Hpt 9 Hpt 6   Hpt 2
Spider webs swept across the room…and a tub of Bloody Punch awaited guest…...
Hpt 7 Hpt 18

 Bottoms Up…!!!!   Halloween Cheers….:)
Hpt 19 Hpt 16
Just LOVE those costumes…..Adorable…!!!
Left the “red eyes” there….thought it was the perfect fit…!!!

Hpt 17
Hpt 12

Hpt 13
It was a FUN NIGHT and I’m so happy I could go. And on the way home, we stopped by Barnes and Noble….Bill let me off at the front door, I got out of the car…BY MYSELF….and walked into that store to shop….with NO HELP…!!!  Wow, I was feeling so good…:) Except for several more weeks at PT to work on “Bending”, I am so much better and can get around a lot faster now. I feel as if this nightmare is at last “Behind ME” and things are getting back to normal. THANK YOU ALL for your prayers and sweet comments and concerns.  What would we do without each other….!!! Thank you my sweet friends….You’re the Best….:)

I’ll be back with pictures of Halloween Night at Missy’s house. Don’t miss it… 
Poof Fairy 2Life is Sweet….!!!!

October 20, 2009

Happy Messy Home

I’ll just bet MOST of you think my home stays neat and clean. Am I right…Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. No it doesn't..!!! The reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I’ve been getting in New Products and they are taking over MY SPACE. Most of them are in the garage and I’ve been dragging in boxes, a few at a time, trying to get pictures made to put on my web site. So here’s a little glimpse of what my butler’s pantry looks like right now. It’s a MESS…!!!!

HH 8HH 9 Ok….I know what you’re thinking, this is not SO messy…!!! So let’s keep going around the room.
HH 12 HH 10
Have you noticed that I’m getting “Really Picky”…. picky, picky, picky.
HH 7 HH 13
Yes, I’m getting PICKY….Just got in a TON of Cupcake Picks and now I have to take pictures of all of these, YIKES…!!! They are all over the place. But I think they will be Fun to use at special events or parties.  And look at the new fun treat bags….for popcorn, peanuts and even pickles…..Fun Party Supplies…:)
HH 14I even have some NEW APRONS in…..they are a little on the “wild side”….here they are, still in plastic, waiting to be ironed and photographed…..Sigh…maybe tomorrow…!!!!   Party Animal….Wine Diva….and 100% Party Girl….Too Cute…:)
HH 11 HH 1 And on into my kitchen, LOOK at what else came today.  My battery operated CANDLES….I’m in love …again…!!!! The solid natural color candles came today and I LOVE these. Oh how I wish YOU could see these lit up.
They look just like REAL CANDLES…..And they Flicker TOO…Seriously, SO Pretty. I placed them in several places to show you how they look. Watch for these on my web site SOON…!!!!
HH 4










I can’t wait to Group Several of them together…when I find Time To Play…..!!!  As for now…it’ll just have to wait. Until I get all my pictures taken, clean house, and then, just maybe I’ll be back with some Pretty Pictures to share….Ok, I promise I will…:) 
Until then,
Poof Fairy Back to WORK…!!!!

October 10, 2009

Celebrating 29 Years….

TODAY…we CELEBRATED 29 Years of marriage….and I have to tell you, I am truly blessed to have my sweet hubby….Yes I am….:) They just don’t come better than HIM….He’s the Best…!!! Yesterday, these beautiful flowers arrived at my door.Anniversary 1And they HAVE to be the prettiest fall arrangement I’ve ever seen. Really….Look at the sunflowers. Each flower was so  perfect.
Anniversary 4
And the SWEET card that read…..
Anniversary 2   I’m wishing for 29 more too….:) It was a beautiful fall day here and we took a little shopping  trip out of town. HERE’s to My Sweet Hubby…..I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART….!!!!
Anniversary 3  For THIS…..I am Blessed…!!!!!
Poof Fairy 2 I’m in love…:)

October 01, 2009

Falling In Love

I LOVE Fall….Leaves floating down and gently landing on still green lawns, Pumpkins on porches waiting to be carved into silly personalities, Haystacks adorned with giant orange ribbons and fireplaces stacked with fresh cut wood….A time to dig out our sweaters and cuddle up with a steamy cup of Hot Cocoa….!!! 

Fall 4AND…..I truly DID fall in LOVE in the fall. With my wonderful hubby of almost 29 years. Our anniversary is October 10… It’s such a cozy season, a time to “Snuggle Up” close to someone you love.

Fall 2 medCozy candlelight and bright warm colors of yellow..red..orange and browns.
Fall 1 medFall 8 Fall 7
Gather round the kitchen for hot plates filled with “Comfort Food”…
Fall 6I LOVE cozy spaces filled with some of My Favorite Things…
Fall 13And groupings of seasonal treasures to set the mood….
Fall 3 medFall 9   Fall 15     
Fall ribbons wrapped and tucked around cake stands and plate holders…Yellow and green layered napkins placed on a French Country placemat…

Fall 12 I don’t know about YOU, but I’m ready to put a Big Pot of Stew on the stove and take it out on the porch to slowly enjoy the warmth of this beautiful season…!!!
Fall 16 I’ve already used my fireplace this week…So cozy and warm…AND I have my sweaters handy for nippy mornings and cooler nights. Snuggle up close to someone this week. Light a candle and make a yummy dish to share. I think I’ll try a New Recipe this week…maybe a casserole. And I’ll be back to Share it with YOU…:)
Poof Fairy I’m in LOVE…!!!


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