June 28, 2009

Playing House


Because there truly is……No Place Like Home…..
This is where I will open up My Home and invite YOU in as I go from room to room, corner to corner, inside and out, adding and creating warm personal touches in each and every place and space…:)
House 7
From picking out the House Plan to choosing each and every stick and stone, erasing one whole end of the plan and drawing it back the way I wanted it to be, creating rooms that didn’t exist and making it just PERFECT…As you might imagine, this took So Much time and then it took 18 months to have it built…But So Worth it.
House 4
I had Always Dreamed of having a Big ole’ Southern Porch….you know, one of those porches big enough to place furniture and other charming pieces on and to be able to just Sit There, even when it’s Pouring Rain and not have to run inside for fear of getting wet. I LOVE to go out my porches when it rains. It’s So relaxing and I LOVE IT…!!!

House 3
I wanted the Porch on the Side of our home because it was a feature that you don’t see on most homes. Why build something like everyone else…Our house plan did not have porches, except for the front. We added this on ourselves and not only did it give us an outside haven it added So much Charm and Style to the curb appeal. I have NEVER regretted the expense of my porches.
G Party 29 No matter Where you build Your Nest…..Enjoy your little spot that you call Home and remember to add a little Poof Power along the way. This is what makes Your Home say Welcome, Come In. It’s the love and warmth that Hugs You as you roam from room to room. It’s the Smiles that just don’t seem to go away…. Thanks for visiting me and I hope you will come back often as I share some Poofing Magic all through my home. Until then, I hope you enjoy a little fluffing and poofing in a special corner of your own. It will make you feel like royalty.
Poof FairyYou’re the Queen….
Love and Hugs,

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  1. Your home is beautiful. I put a porch on the side of mine, too, and one on the back and one in the front. Just had to have them all. You have a fun blog. I'll be back.



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