March 07, 2010

He’s HOME…!!!!

After 13 days in the hospital and a few scares and complications, HE’s finally HOME….!!! Yes he is…I brought him home late yesterday afternoon. I’ll admit I was a little “nervous” to have him here. He came home with a few extra attachments and tubes, but hopefully in a few weeks all those things will be taken away and he’ll be a free man….!!!
Bill 3 Bill 4
He will go back for more surgery in about two months to reverse the colostomy and repair his colon. Then he will be as good as new..!!! I have my SWEETHEART back…:):):) Thank you God…!!!!
This is his FIRST DAY HOME and he is doing SO WELL…!!!  At 40 lbs. lighter, He even stopped to smile for the camera..:)

Bill 6 Even the Rainbows in our kitchen seemed to be much BRIGHTER this morning…and I KNEW everything was going to be OK…:)  Like Sunshine dancing on the walls…
Bill 1 Bill 2
Thank EACH of YOU for all the Prayers…Thoughts…Comments…and Emails
you sent our way. Through the miracle of prayer and a Great Doctor, my hubby’s life has been saved. Even though he STILL has a way to go, by summer, he’ll be READY for vacation and back to work as usual…!!!!  For THIS…I am Blessed…:)
In the meantime, I’ll be helping HIM get back on HIS FEET….learning HIS DUTIES at work…and WE TOGETHER, will get through this one too. We ALWAYS do…!!!

Hug the ones you love and maybe a few you don’t….:)  Life’s too precious to let one moment go un-noticed or enjoyed…!!!  Keep Bill in your prayers while he continues to improve and get well.
Poof Fairy Life is…Once again….GOOD..!!!!

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