July 30, 2009

And Love Keeps Pouring In

I’m starting to wonder….. WHY I ever doubted, at times, the feeling of having No Friends. Do YOU ever do that. Maybe it comes from Always Working and never putting in down long enough to realize that YES….My Friends…and family ARE still there. I just need to do a better job of….Letting them in….!!!!  I DID ask myself a few days ago….WHY…this happened to ME..!!!

I’m a firm believer of….Everything happens for a reason. And just when Everything seemed so Perfect….Here I sit, unable to take care of myself and missing ALL the small luxuries of LIFE…The SIMPLE little pleasures that we take for granted each day.

When little Katie was here a few days ago, SHE understood that something was wrong with my leg and was so very sweet. But I couldn’t ….Pick Her Up…Swing her around….get her a cupcake…Run gather all my Tea Party things and sit and ding our cups together and say Cheers…!!! Make her apple sticks with her favorite Chocolate Sugar….Instead, I sat in the wheelchair….Protecting anyone from getting Too Close to my leg in fear of yet another accident. I’m sure SHE didn’t understand. THIS made me cry…!!!

And little Pearl girl….SHE will NOT leave my side. SHE KNOWS something is wrong and is stuck on me. I can’t pick her up and keep her in my lap or sit with her at night on the sofa with her cuddled up against me. SHE misses this So very much and it breaks my heart because SHE doesn’t understand.

And then another knock at the door, and in came MORE beautiful FLOWERS…!!!
Sick 7 With PINK Oasis…Doesn’t it look like watermelon chunks. What a Stunning Arrangement …This charming vase of blossoms came from a Sweet Friend I met while blogging….
Sick 5 Isn’t it amazing how many Real Friendships are formed….ONLINE…!!! Penny does the most Beautiful mosaics and has a wonderful blog…. THANK YOU Penny and Kent for sending me such a beautiful gift of friendship and love…!
Sick 6 
Then  My Aunt Frances came with a bouquet of More Flowers…..and many cards came in the mailbox…well wishers from my Face Book and Blogging  Friends….Phone Calls….Emails….and the list goes on….!!!!
My sweet neighbor Betty,
for the visit and those awesome Home Grown Tomatoes…..Anacian…..for the Home Grown Corn…JoAnna for the wheelchair and walker…..My sweet brother , for building the ramp to help me get in and out of our home……My two incredible daughters for coming to help us out….

I’ve thought about this  ALOT over the past few days and I’m sure I have the answer to my question……Why did this happen to ME…!!!  It happened to Remind ME to STOP…Put work down…and Take Time…to savor the friendships and family that I am So very blessed to have around ME…!!!  It reminds me of how precious each day is. Just to do the Little Things….the ones we take for granted. The simple pleasure of Walking….This has been an humbling experience for me,  making ME much more aware of ALL the sweet little gifts that each day brings.

So when YOU find yourself wondering where your friends are….stop…listen…and YOU just might discover….They are right where YOU left them….Waiting for YOU…:):)

OK…..That’s IT about ME….!!! I will keep you posted from time to time HOW my leg is doing, otherwise, let’s get some Fun things going here. Come on back this week end for our First Blogging Party… Join us for the fun…Tip your glasses,
Poof FairyIt’s a Party…!!!!


  1. Good Morning Dianne!!
    You are welcome! They look beautiful in that vase. I know this is so hard for you to sit still! You always move a million miles per second.

    I am blessed to have you as a friend....wish we lived closed. I would be over helping as much as I could!
    Love ya,

  2. The flowers are gorgeous!!!!
    I hope you're feeling better. It's nice to know you have so many loving people around you!

  3. Funny, that just when you thought you were down for the count, you are raised up by all of the love that surrounds you!!
    Feel better real soon!!
    Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)



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