July 26, 2009

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones

But a Broken Knee will not dampen MY Spirit…!!!
I want to THANK YOU…..Thank You ALL…for the Sweet Sweet Wishes you have been sending ME….:) I’m So sorry I haven’t answered you, but Please Know that My Heart is Full of Sunshine and Smiles just to read your sweet comments and wishes.
THANKS for ALL your Prayers for ME.. They worked and made me feel so loved….Thanks my Sweet Blogging Friends…You’re the Best…!!!
Sick 4 
I’m Home from surgery and everything went very well…Really..!!! I got to come home the next day…:) Although I was very scared, nothing was as bad as I had imagined it to be….Thank Goodness…!!! And I’ll tell you what, Wowzy Woo…was this gal feeling mighty silly. My family just laughed at me. My granddaughters pooled their money together to buy me these flowers, bear and balloon. Mallory arranged them in a vase and then they all came for a visit. How Sweet…:)
Sick 1I know girls, they are a wee bit wilted now. But that’s ok. I still LOVE them… Sorry I couldn’t get up close pictures. I shot this from across the room. It’s not so easy to take pictures right now…The girls sat there and Giggled at Me for falling asleep in the middle of a word as I tried to Talk to Them….then I’d wake up and try again. Of course I’d forgotten what I was saying Before I fell asleep. But we were still Having Fun…LOL..:) I called the Bear….a Monkey…they kept telling me…Gran, It’s a Bear…!!!  When I came out from under most of the meds, I realized They were Right….It WAS a Bear…lol..:):):)

I came home on Wednesday with Lots of Help….and I have been doing GREAT…!!! Although I have a Long Road to full recovery, I will get through this. And oh, just to be able to go to the bathroom By My Self…lol…!!! It’s all those Little Things that I miss so very much.
My sweet Hubby has just been a Champ…I’m so blessed to have HIM….
When the nurse told me that I had to give myself …..Shots in my Stomach…Everyday…for 21 days…I refused, so you know WHO got THAT JOB…!! Poor Bill…. And you can only imagine MY FEAR…OMG…they were kidding, right…!!!! No, it was true. These were to prevent  blood clots from forming. The nurse gave me the first one and showed my hubby HOW to do it….And to my surprise, I didn’t feel a thing…Whew…!!!  Until the next day when Bill had to do it. And OH MY…HE made me cry…!!!… We found out later that he just stabbed me with the needle straight from the top, instead of going in at an angle from the side. He knows HOW to do it now 
and today, I never even felt it….!!! Oh what a relief…lol He felt So bad..and He’s trying So hard….Poor, poor Bill…:(
Just to Show You the absence of a “woman’s touch”, I took a picture of the flowers the girls from my daughter’s spa sent me. I had to Zoom in close from sitting at my desk. When I opened it up to put it here on my blog, I realized that the “card” was upside down…lol
HE never Noticed…:):):)  Thank You…Missy’s Girls…The flowers are beautiful…I LOVE them…and Thank You Ruth for the Fresh Peaches…Oh Yum…my perfect breakfast food….!!!

Sick 2 But that’s OK…..He did His Best….and has taken such Wonderful Care of ME…:) I have The Best Hubby in the whole wide world:):):) What would I do without HIM…!!! I LOVE YOU my sweet one..!!!
Our accident caused us to have to cancel our Vacation…
:( Yes, it’s true…..we should be on Tybee Island in Georgia right now. I had ALWAYS wanted to go to Savannah and we were finally going this week….I couldn’t Wait…!!! And the most exciting part was that we were going to stay at Paula Deens Beach House….Yes we were..!!! I booked it months ago and had made Big Plans for us while there. We were going to throw a Party for Paula… I had collected special table top pieces…and planned on making some Very Special Party Items to use. I had even planned My Blog Post….:(
It won’t happen now,  and all this week, well, you know what will be on my mind. But, we will go next year and it’s ok…:)

OK…. I have some Exciting Show News to share and a few other things I know you will love. So come back later this week.

But…Before you leave, be sure to Join Me and my friend Jen this Week End for Happy Bloggers….Open House Week End… It starts this week end and we want YOU to be a part. Just email me for details and look for some Fun Ideas from some of your favorite bloggers. You’re Invited….and it’s easy….Just sign up and follow the plan….and Poof, It’s A Party….
It’s ….Cocktail Week…..at Happy Bloggers Open House
….See you there.  Just Remember, When life hands you lemons….Squeeze them hard…Add Sugar…and Oh how Sweet Life will become once again.

Poof FairyI’m Mending….!!!!

Love and Hugs,


  1. Your toes look good! Did you get a pedicure first? Glad you are on the mend and yes you are so lucky to have such a good husband and family too...feel better soon.

  2. I'm glad that it wasn't as scary as you thought it was going to be! Bummer on the vacation - you'll just have to party twice as hard next year!!

  3. Actually, I think it kind of looks like a monkey too! LOL! Glad your spirits are up!! I love that about you!... you always look on the bright side!

  4. So glad that you are home and healing....I have been thinking about you daily. So nice to see this post.

  5. I'm so excited to come here and see your post. I've been praying for you, and will continue for your healthy recovery.

    Thank God for our families and friends.



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