April 16, 2011

Cupcakes and Pink Lemonade

When I spotted my Yellow Striped and Pink Polka Dot paper straws in the beautiful pictures below, I knew I had to share them with YOU….:)  Perfect setting for an afternoon garden tea with family and friends.

LOVE the cupcakes tucked in those pretty glass dessert dishes.

A pretty lemon slice coated with sweet glazed sugar makes the perfect cupcake topper.  Love the adorable paper straw tucked to the side to make it look like an old fashion soda.  How Cute…!!!!

Beautiful flowers and pretty props add sweet charming touches to this inviting spring and summer tabletop.

It’s time ladies to start planning your tea parties on the porch or an afternoon with friends to share giggles, laughs and yummy sweet treats and cool refreshing drinks.

Sometimes the BEST PARTIES  are the ones you put together quickly and what could be easier than making your favorite batch of CUPCAKES and squeezing a few lemons to make a cool pitcher of Pink Lemonade.…. Grab a pretty table cloth, pick a few fresh flowers and call a friend or two. Time spent together is priceless.
When life gives you lemons……Squeeze something good from them….. Share a Smile…!!!

This beautiful party setting was created by Melissa Lester at A Little Loveliness. Visit her here where you will find many charming ideas and the recipe she used for those pretty cupcakes…..!!!!

Yellow Striped Paper Straws and Pink Dot Paper Straws can be found at The Sugar Diva.


  1. These are the prettiest pictures I've seen and made me smile today, I just had to come by and comment.
    I'm not known for doing tea parties, but this post has inspired me to ask my two teenage daughters if they'd like to host tea parties once a week this Summer with all their friends.
    Thanks Dianne!!!


  2. I just love these beautiful pictures. I would be so happy sitting there and sip a cup of tea. Great blog!
    Blessings to You and have a great day ❤️

    Love from Lone in Denmark

  3. Heart throbbing Cupcakes and Pink Lemonade themed bash! I am so obsessed with these brilliant pictures. I wanted such inspirations for my sister’s surprise baby shower and this would be a perfect themed. I would like to book one of most suitable garden LA venues for her shower.



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