February 14, 2011

Bake Me Happy

I’m in LOVE….!!!
It’s Valentines Day and what a SWEET SURPRISE I got in my email today. One of my customers mentioned that she saw our  Red Heart Paper Straws on Bakerella’s web site today. I’m sure you ALL know this talented gal. I quickly checked it out and was thrilled with how she used them.

Big Sweet Kisses….:)  How fun and cute are these..!! Instead of using lollipop sticks, she use Our PAPER STRAWS …..How Perfect…!!!
She even Shows You how she made them….Looks easy and I’m sure they are delish…!!! 
IMG_5965If you don’t already have her new book then be sure to look for it on your next trip to the book store. It’s filled with beautiful and creative CAKE POPS that will inspire you to try some of her wonderful tasty treats. I’ve made my share of them for family and friends and everyone LOVES them..!!!  Of course mine were NOT pretty, but they sure did taste good.

Be sure to visit Bakerella to see MORE of her Creative Cake Pops….It’s no wonder she caught the eye of publishers. This in one talented gal…!!! Check our her schedule to see if she signing books in a store near you.    Thank you BAKERELLA……You Bake Me Happy
Happy Valentines Day to YOU….
Hop over to our web site to see our entire line of these pretty PAPER STRAWS:  www.thesugardiva.com 
I have MORE exciting things to share and PROMISE to be back SOON.

Happy Valentines Day everyone…

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