August 16, 2010

Just Peachy

On our way HOME from the beach last Sunday, we made our usual stop at the Farmer’s Market in Raleigh, NC. to pick up some HOME GROWN produce and fruit. And oh YUM were we  in for a TREAT…!!! We stuffed all we could into every nook and cranny that was left between, around and on top of suitcases and bags..:)  And we have been munching on all that HOME GROW GOODNESS for a week now.!!!  TODAY…I tried using up the rest of the half bushel of PEACHES we bought and decided to make a BIG PAN of PEACH DUMPLINGS…!!!   Some of you have ask me HOW I make mine. There is NO RECIPE….Just a method I came up with that is SO EASY and DELICIOUS….!!!!  SO…hold your on to your tummies cause I’m about to SHOW YOU step by step MY WAY of making dumplings. Of course you can use ANY FRUIT you wish….TO begin, get ALL your ingredients, bowls, pans, etc. OK…Let’s get started…
Wash and peel your PEACHES and Slice them in quarters or smaller. I usually have a smaller bowl handy and slice them up smaller as I go.
Peach CobPeach Cob 1  
The MOST IMPORTANT ingredient I use is the PIE DOUGH….NOT Canned Biscuits…!!! I use the “Ready To Use” pie crust dough that comes in this little red box….It’s SO EASY….
Peach Cob 2 Peach Cob 3
It comes rolled up in two per box….. ONE BOX MAKES 8 DUMPLINGS…. Open up one at a time and keep the other one in the fridge to keep it cold. Otherwise, it likes to get sticky and hard to work with. So open one pie dough roll and unroll it on a cutting board or clean baking surface…
Peach Cob 5 Peach Cob 6 
Then, using a knife, cut the round pie crust into four sections. Place three sections to the side and with your rolling pin, gently roll out the triangle just enough to make it somewhat larger and thinner.
Peach Cob 7 Peach Cob 8 

Using  a small round bowl that isn’t too deep, place this rolled out piece over the bowl and make a little “cupped out” area to fill with your fruit.

Beach Trip 8-10 101Place your fruit inside in the center. Use enough fruit to make a nice size dumpling. Then sprinkle about 2 tablespoons of sugar over the fruit and add a pat of butter.
Peach Cob 10  Beach Trip 8-10 113 

Beach Trip 8-10 121Then start to….TUCK AND FOLD your outer edges up and over the fruit. Beach Trip 8-10 106  Be sure to cover it all up making a nice snug pouch. Pick up the bowl and flip it over into your hand with tucked side down and place it into your baking dish…
Beach Trip 8-10 110 And repeat this for the all the rest until you have a full pan.
Beach Trip 8-10 122  Peach Cob 13
Once your pan is filled…..Sprinkle quite a bit of SUGAR…. I use a lot , they don’t call me the Sugar Diva for nothing…LOL ) on top of dumplings and add a pat of butter on top of each one…..
Beach Trip 8-10 125Beach Trip 8-10 127Then pour enough water in the pan around the dumplings so that it fills up the pan to about half full. It should come on up at least half way or more on the dumplings. This is what makes them JUICY…!!!
Beach Trip 8-10 131Bake in a 450 degree oven for about 35-45 minutes or until as golden brown as you like them. We like ours Light Brown”….. Beach Trip 8-10 150
Beach Trip 8-10 151  Beach Trip 8-10 153Peach Cob 28    Beach Trip 8-10 161
And Oh My Goodness….They are Delish….!!!!  Can you SEE them STILL BUBBLING…!!!!  There was only ONE THING LEFT TO DO…:):):)
Peach Cob 4 Yep….you guessed it…..:)  DISH them out and ENJOY…!!!!
Balloons 061 It didn’t take long for them to disappear….and after making a special delivery to a few special family members, we STILL have some left for TODAY…:)  YUM…!!!!  OK, no more excuses for YOU not to make your own Dumpling Dish…and I’ll be waiting to hear all about it….
Good Luck…:)
Have a Happy Monday,
hh_sig Life is GOOD….:)


  1. I will definately try these can you do this with apples? Thanks for sharing Grace xoxo

  2. Why I think I'll try my hand at some dumplings!!! Wow, these look so good. I'm going to see if that lil farmers market is open around the block.
    Thanks Sugar Diva!!!

  3. AHHHHH! This looks delicious!!!!
    Miss see your posts!!! Hugs, Jen

  4. Made these today. Super easy & soooo yummy!!



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