August 22, 2010

Join Me

When I was invited to an End of Summer Garden Party, I knew it would be fit for a I gathered my sun visor, sun glasses and my favorite pink silk purse, oh and of course my camera. 
Celebrating an end to Warm Days on the porch….what a pleasant way to end the season.....:) Here is a little friend that sits quietly on my back porch. He keeps good company with another fellow who watches over things when I'm away....

Most of you know that I do NOT use Real flowers. No I have to admit that I am NOT a Real Gardner like so many of you.....But I LOVE beautiful flowers and fill my home and porches with them....Why worry with watering when they LOOK THIS REAL…:)
Instead of taking you into a garden at my home, I decided that when you visit me you can take a little break and enjoy a glass of tea and maybe a sweet summer treat out on MY PORCH
I have it all set up for you and when you arrive, I will just need to fill up the pitchers and tea pots with refreshing tea and bring out the sweet treats. Just PICK your favorite and enjoy....!!

G_party_17You'll feel right at HOME being served from these Charming Dessert Plates.....I LOVE the metal shoe planter with the colorful flowers poked inside.....

The linen tablecloth is another treasure from my April Cornell collection.
Just look at all the detail.....:)

The soothing sounds of water trickling from our water fountain sets the mood for a lovely Garden Party......


Ok…a few more Containers of Happy Pots and then it’s TIME for Treats…!!!
And the
one that makes me SMILE the most, is the one my daughter gave me last year on Mother's Day.......FLOWER sweet....:) :)

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit today. Please stop by and…..
If I don't answer the door, please come in and you'll find me waiting for YOU.....out on the PORCH.....:)

I must HURRY….There are tasty treats to bring out….So please join me next time for lovely chats on the porch and share a glass of Sweet Iced Tea. For SOON, Summer will be fading away as we invite Crispy Afternoons with Fall Delights and begin to enjoy MORE time…Out on the Porch…!!!
hh_sig I’m off to grab the treats…!!!!

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