July 29, 2010


Yes....I've always heard......"All work and no play" makes for a very dull gal.....Quilty as charged...!!!! So to all my blogging friends, and I HOPE you're still out there somewhere, I've MISSED YOU..!!!!

THANKS so much for the emails you've been sending my way. I haven't answered most of them and for that I"m SO SORRY...!!!! This past year has been a blur with my knee injury and then Bill's illness. Wow, talk about lifetime changes, we've certainly had a little more than our share. BUT...we are doing well and things are finally getting back to NORMAL.

And then there is WORK...!!! Yes, work....and THAT'S where I've been. WORKING...Designing Products...getting ready for wholesale market in Atlanta...and planning a brand new permanent NEW SHOWROOM....what was I thinking...LOL...:)
However, it's all behind us now. We're back from market with no broken bones and although we have lots of orders to ship and things are still very hectic, I want nothing more than to get back to my blogging.

You really haven't missed very much....unless you consider WATCHING ME WORK a thrill...:) Since that's all I've done for the past few months, maybe you'll enjoy seeing some of the goodies I came up with.

I'll share a few now and DO MY BEST to keep them coming your way and have my fingers crossed that I can SOON get back to my regular fun post filled with charm and creative ideas to share with you.

I also have some VERY exciting NEWS to share, but you'll have to wait a while before I can tell you.....:)

OK....let me go find some pictures to share. Oh where did I put them...Found them and much to my surprise, they are all at the TOP of my post...LOL...!!!
Looks like I'm going to have LEARN HOW to post all over again....UGH...!!!
The pictures above are of our new permanent showroom in Atlanta. It just about killed us to get it all done, but it was oh so nice to LOCK THE DOOR AND LEAVE....!!!! And when we go back for next market, it'll all be there just as we left, making next market SO EASY...:) So I guess it was worth the effort and hard work..!!!
My Favorite Thing was my life size FAIRTY cutout we had made for our window. She was SO Adorable....blowing kisses on our Paper Tissue Flower Poms...!!!!
It's late, I'm tired and so the pictures will stay at the top. I hope you still enjoyed seeing some of what's been going on in my world lately. And to all of you who emailed me....THANKS A BUNCH....It's nice to be MISSED...!!!!
Until next time....and I HOPE it won't be long,
I'll be back to PLAY...!!!!


  1. Hi Dianne!
    Glad to hear things on the health front are good. Having a permanent space in Atlanta must be so helpful!

  2. I love your displays. They are adorable. I want to come shopping in your showroom!



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