April 27, 2010

Duck For Cover

While the girls were spending a few days with us during Spring Break, we decided to take our dinner to the park…feed the ducks…and just have some fun Outdoor Time…  I was SO nice to get outside for a change and enjoy the beautiful weather we were having.
Girls Ducks 4 Girls Ducks 7
Katie had fun trying to catch Butterflies or anything she found flying around with her new net that the Easter Bunny had left her…
Girls Ducks 6 Girls Ducks 1
Girls Ducks 2 Girls Ducks 3 Girls Ducks
After a few “picture taking” moments, the girls grabbed the bread and we were off further down the walking trail to FIND THE DUCKS…Katie just couldn’t wait.  When we got to the place where most of the ducks gather, there were only a couple. But that changed VERY QUICKLY….!!!
Girls Ducks 9 Girls Ducks 8
Suddenly, they were coming from EVERYWHERE…And honking their horns in glee…Hey Guys, FOOD…!!!…Yikes…!! After all, it had been a bad winter and I’m sure they were ready for People Food…:)
Girls Ducks 16 Girls Ducks 11
As the Flock Grew….and MORE were coming as fast as they could from across the river, the girls got a little nervous and suddenly headed for safety….Katie couldn’t throw her bread very far and the ducks got closer and closer….
and the girls started to RUN….!!!
GIrls Ducks 10Girls Ducks 12The bread was soon gone…but they Ducks were Still Coming and we knew it was time to head back to the car…:)
Girls Ducks 15At that point, Katie was tired and didn’t want to WALK…!!! Oh my, it was getting cloudy and it started to thunder and I was wondering if we would make it back without getting rained on.  We quickly started back down the trail with Katie on Cassie’s back. Thankfully, we made it back with only a few drops of rain coming down. We  headed for our favorite ICE CREAM SHOP and snuggled in the car to ENJOY..!!!  And just before we arrived HOME….we were caught in a horrible RAIN and HAIL STORM….with no where to DUCK FOR COVER…!!!! It was really scary and I truly thought the hail was going to break the windshield…But soon we were pulling into the garage and safely closed the door behind us…
GIrls Ducks 17Poof Fairy We were HOME…!!!!


  1. Sounds like pure heaven to me! Your girls are darling!


  2. Just checking in to see how you are. I can't even imagine how busy you must be, but I hope you are having fun and love filled days with your family.

  3. Missing you, Dianne. You must be so very busy. I often see your add in magazines.



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