February 12, 2010

Happy Hearts

My HEART is HAPPY…..yes, happy with thoughts of those I LOVE and things I LOVE….!!!  I LOVE snow, however, since our yard has been WHITE since before Christmas, I’m not loving it quite as much right now…!!! This is what my poor porch looks like...
Home Winter 8 Home Winter 9
And I LOVE my porch….it’s frozen and just waiting for SPRING to arrive. And I LOVE this banner that I use in our breakfast room during the winter with my collection of Snowmen…

Home Winter 1 This winter has put a new meaning to this word….Glisten…I’ve actually had to close my blinds on those few sunny days we’ve had, to block out the glare of the snow. So, I’m ready to take “glisten” down and change it to this….
Home Winter 2 YES….Listen….for the birds to warm up their voices and whistle us a Happy Song….a clear sign that SPRING is just around the corner. I do LOVE my banner though and my Happy Snow Dishes with Wintery Words written all around them….
Home Winter 4 Home Winter 3 I keep my Red and White lights out too since they are are one of My Favorite Things….SO cozy and warm….and they compliment my snowman collection.
Home Winter 5 Home Winter 7
But they will all be packed up SOON…!!! This gal is READY for Sunshine and Green…. I’ve already bought fresh new flowers and I’m putting Winter to rest and will start early on Spring decorating.
My hubby just opened the back door and said….It’s snowing..!!! Ok, it’s dark and I refuse to look..!!! I will instead, concentrate on warm sunny days that can’t be too far away. And for YOU…..I’ll leave you a HEART to wish you A Happy Valentine’s Day and a warm Happy Week End with those you
Home Winter 6 Until then, keep a Happy Heart
Poof Fairy It’ll soon be SRPING…!!!
Warmest wishes,


  1. Your porch looks so lovely covered in the blanket of snow! I posted about the snow too. We live in Dallas and recieved 12 inches...amazing!

    The snow dishes and your banner are darling...perfect for the snow theme. I am so anxious for spring and the warm weather it brings...along with the flowers and sounds of the season!

    I adore your blog and look forward to visiting soon!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I live in the same town that you live. I found your blog through another blog and have been reading it for a long time. I recently went to Utah to visit my in-laws. I saw some candy in a shop north of Salt Lake City. I told my mother in-law that you made candy just like that then I turned over the label, and it was YOUR candy! I couldn't believe it! Good for you!




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