January 24, 2010

Party Time

SHE turned 12….growing up so fast. SHE brought her friends to our house this week end to Celebrate her Birthday. SHE chose a Movie Theme for HER PARTY……Carly's party6 Although they were bringing all the food and treats, I wanted to set the counter up to make the night Fun and Festive….So this is where I began and then I just waited for them to arrive….
Carly's party 2 Carly's party
Soon a house full of Giggly Girls burst through the door and I knew right then, it was going to be a night of fun and laughter….I was right…:) We started getting all the Party Decorations that my daughter made, put in place. Love this Party Banner she made and found the perfect place to hang it. 
Carly's party 7 Soon the Party Table was All Ready…..Filled with Birthday Party Fun….
Carly's party 11Carly's party10Carly's party 5 Carly's Party 3   
Sherry did such a good job on all the Party Signs…They added the perfect touch to the party table…..
Carly's party 4 Carly's party 8
The Pickles were a hit and the girls enjoyed the cute little Pickle Bags to put them in.
Carly's party 13 Carly's party 14 Carly's party 17
Then the PIZZA arrived and it was time to EAT..!!!
Carly's party 16Carly's party 15
Finally……Birthday Presents….and the ONE she had waited Soooooo Long for was the Biggest Surprise of the night….Just look at that SMILE when the BOX Started Ringing she knew what was INSIDE…!!!! 
YES…it was True…At last, SHE had a CELL PHONE…:):):)
Carly's party 18Of course she loved ALL her gifts and all the girls had a blast. After gifts, cupcakes and ice cream, they headed upstairs to the theater for a Movie and so the party continued…..There were more goodies upstairs and Cassie cranked up the Popcorn Machine and oh how good it smelled  when it began to POP….
Carly's party 20  Carly's party 26
Carly's party 25Carly's party 24Carly's party 21
When I was taking this picture of the sign for the Theater Entrance, I didn’t SEE Carly’s face peeping out the door…LOL  
Carly's party 22 She was a HAPPY GIRL……She had her Friends….Her Party….AND…Her PHONE…Life is Good…!!!  Everyone had so much fun. We all stayed up LATE, enjoyed homemade waffles for breakfast this morning and later this afternoon, THEY packed up and headed back on the one hour trip HOME…..:( I miss them already…!! But, They’ll be back soon
Poof Fairy 2 We’ll make More Memories…!!!
We MISSED you Mallory…!!!…:(       


  1. How fun! You have the perfect home for this wonderful movie themed birthday party! Kent was just asking about you and your sweet husband. Do you have any plans of traveling to the Asheville area this year?

  2. fantastic fun for everyone!!! I miss my little girls so much !!! They would love this even at their age, in their 20's.LOL where would I get the movie prints?lOVE YOUR BLOG!

  3. I want to have a party like this for me (43)!! lol Looks great. Grace



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