January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi Everybody….Just wanted to take a moment to wish you a wonderful New Year. It’s been an amazing last year for us, that’s for sure. Part of me is SO happy to see it leave. The other part of me is still counting all the Blessings that have come our way. As we say Goodbye to the OLD and anticipate the NEW it’s with a refreshed mind and spirit that I sit here this morning, eager to see what lies ahead. Here are a few last photos of 2009 in our home.
C Day 2 09Mallory saved the day with last minute wrapping Christmas Day…
C Day 3 09  The Sweet Chocolate Bowls were finally filled with creamy fudge and Cake Truffles….
C Day 4 09 Instead of CAKE….I used my favorite dessert stand for serving our Cheese ball…
C Day 5 09 C Day 6 09
Then some last minute shots of Christmas while waiting for the girls to come running through the door…:)
C Day 9 09 C Day  8 09 C Day 10 09
As you can see out the front window, we had a White Christmas…I set up the dining room to seat us all. Normally, we are spread out in other dining areas, but not on THIS day…!!! It was so nice to have us all together in the same room for dinner…:) Below,Mallory’s sneaking a few bites BEFORE dinner and Katie playing with  the door bells.
C Day 11 09

C Day 14 09
Then a few family photos and it was TIME for Gifts…Food…and Fun….!!!!  All of us GIRLS..!!!!
C Day 13 09And me and Bill with our grand girls……
C Day 15 09And so we say Goodbye to 2009 and and look forward to another year of Family…Fun…Work….and best of all….Memories….!!!!
I wish for each of YOU….the best New Year ever.
Poof Fairy   Happy 2010…!!!!!


  1. Happy New Year! Your table is just beautiful and the goodies look so yummy!

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family. You all look beautiful.



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