December 09, 2009

Home at last….

Yes, once again we are HOME….after being away ALL last week at one of our Holiday Shows, we’re HOME and TODAY we are starting to decorate for Christmas. I know, it’s getting late so we must hurry. No worries though, I’m going to ENJOY every little minute of just being HOME and Playing House...!!  In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve gotten really PICKY lately….
           Picks Gingerbread Boy med Pick Reindeer close med
Our little Cupcake Picks were a HIT at our show….from our cute little holiday picks to the adorable Cupcake Paper Liners….shoppers fell in LOVE…!!!
PIcks Reindeer Ring Close med
 Vintage snowman pick close 3
Another item that was a HIT….was our New Line of handbags and totes. I’ve never sold purses before and when I found these at market, I fell in LOVE
….Let me show them to you and you’ll see for yourself…!!! Below is ONE BAG….when you buy this ONE BAG, you get all three looks….

Bags 15 medOK….Shown here is just ONE BAG…..Yes, that’s right…ONE BAG.
The Cover comes off so you can Flip It Over for a whole new look…!!!! OR use it without a cover and you have a Classic Black or Brown Bag……
One Bag….Three Looks…!!!! 
Bag 5 lgHow fun and clever is this….and the BEST part is that you can buy extra Covers to change it again. And so on, and so on, and well…you get the idea…
Bag 1 lg.  Bag 9
The fabrics and designs are So Upscale and Modish….Classy and Classic…
Bag 10lg Bag 2
And look at the TOTE….Perfect for travel…15” wide and will hold most computer lap tops….I used mine to carry all my show stuff and supplies. Use it with the classic handbag for a smart look…
Bag 11 lg Now you see why I Flipped over these bags….Just “Unzip and Flip” and you have a new bag….One of my New Loves…:)

OK….my sweet hubby is dragging all the Christmas decorations from downstairs, which means It’s Time to Deck the Halls…!!!  So you know what I’ll be doing All Day….Making HOME Merry and Bright…. I’ll be back tomorrow to start showing YOU some of My Holiday Spaces…:)
Poof Fairy I”m Decorating…!!!


  1. Those bags and totes are very cute! Glad your show was successful....

    Can't wait to see all of your holiday decorating. Have fun and tell hubbie Hi from us. Hope to see in sometime!

  2. Okay. You have got to tell us where we can buy the bags. I didn't see them on your website.

  3. I LOVE these bags! What a great idea!!!! These cupcakes are adorable! I'm so glad you're home and posting again! I've missed you!!!

  4. Dianne, you know I love everything you do.

    The bags are awesome. Are you going to have them on your site?

    And, your kind of "picky" suits me to a tee.



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