November 14, 2009

A Season of Thanks

As this season of Thanksgiving draws closer, my heart is FULL today….Full of many thanks for so many blessings.  Yesterday I finished my physical therapy…YAY…:):) At last, after four long months of being “down”, I feel a renewed spirit and it’s SO wonderful to be back on my FEET…!!! 

Blog Thanks 2 After packing up Halloween, it was too early to put out Christmas, so what do you do to just fill in for only a couple of weeks. I just grabbed some of my favorite dishes to reflect how Thankful I am. For so long I could only DREAM of what it was like to just get up and WALK… 
Blog Thanks  I would try to imagine how I’d feel, just to be “Normal” again..!!
Blog Thanks 6 I never new I’d MISS cooking and cleaning so much, and oh how I missed my Blogging…!!!  I missed taking pictures and making pretty spaces to share with you. Do you know that we never put Not One Decoration outside for fall or Halloween this year. Some of the neighbors who did not know about our accident, thought we had moved…LOL   Guess they missed my decorating too…!!!
Blog Thanks 5Now I want YOU to Imagine…..imagine that the pink and red flowers there are vibrant shades of orange and yellows….It’s taking me a little longer to get things done now, but I’m not complaining. Match or no match, doesn’t bother me. I just had fun getting this done…:)
Blog Thanks 8   Today we’re in the kitchen preparing….Dinner…. Mallory is coming home from college for the week-end and is bringing Friends with her. She wanted to come have DINNER with us…:) My heart is FULL as I Make and Bake…and look forward to seeing her pretty smile and getting Big Hugs…!!! We'll all just Relax…have Dinner and enjoy our time together
Blog Thanks 7 And just like the prayer below….as the seasons come and go, it’s Time to Give Thanks and always be reminded of the “Little Things” in life…after all, THEY are the ones that are most precious…!!!
Blog Thanks 1  It’s TIME….to get back in the kitchen, I have a Big Chocolate Cake to make. Wish I could share some with you…
Poof Fairy 2I’m Back…!!!!


  1. Welcome Back! I missed your pretty pictures, decorating and vignettes! I am so glad you are all better!

  2. Welcome back! I have missed all your pretties! Cant wait to catch up whoo hoo...Glad you are feeling better keep it up. Grace

  3. So glad you are recovering and back with us. I don't need to imagine about those flowers because I'm too mesmerized by that chandelier. :)

  4. What a lovely, uplifting post!
    I'm happy for you that life is full of your favorite things and blessings!

  5. Welcome back! You have been missed!!

  6. So happy you have finished your time for the holidays! You always have such beautiful things. I remember saying that prayer as a child - thanks for sharing.

  7. Dianne, I am so happy that you are on the road to recovery. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Everything looks wonderful - and I knew it would. You know how to make everything special.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.



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