August 19, 2009

Ribbon Love

It’s No Secret…I LOVE Ribbon…All colors, styles and patterns. And I Love adding their wonderful Charm and Whimsy to So Many of my things. I’ve always loved Bows and use them on anything I can get away with. When I was a young Mom with two little girls, they always had a bow or ribbon in their hair. I dressed them with Sashes and Bows. Even when they went outside to play, they always wore ribbons and bows in their hair. And I Love ribbon headbands. Look at these fabulous designs I found, made from beautiful ribbons.

Ribbon headbandsHere are some BASIC WAYS TO

Ribbon headbands

    • Cut ribbon about twice as long as the band
    • Coat both sides of band with permanent glue stick
    • Begin wrapping on the inside at one end
    • Continue tightly wrapping on angle to other end, pressing into the glue coating
    • Fold under raw end of ribbon
    • Use a few stitches to secure ribbons that cover the ends of the band
    • Ribbon headbands
      • Use this method for ribbons at least twice as wide as the band
      • Cut ribbon 2” longer than the band
      • Fold 1” under on both ends of the ribbon
      • Fold ribbon in half lengthwise
      • Coat both sides of band with permanent glue stick
      • Slip band into folded ribbon & secure with a few pins
      • Stitch ribbon edges and ends together
        Ribbon headbands








    • Use when ribbon is at least 2½ times the width of band
    • Cut ribbon 2” longer than band
    • Coat inside of band with permanent glue stick
    • Position one long edge of ribbon onto glue, 1” extending from each end of band
    • Apply permanent glue stick to outside of band
    • Fold the1” extensions over ends of band
    • Wrap ribbon around edge onto sticky outside of band
    • Apply permanent glue stick to exposed underside of remaining ribbon
    • Wrap tightly over the edge & press onto inside of band

    Ribbon headbands


    Ribbon headbands

    • Use when ribbon and band are the same width
    • Cut 1 piece of ribbon the same length as the band, and 1 piece 2” longer
    • Apply permanent glue stick to inside of band & adhere shorter ribbon
    • Apply permanent glue stick to outside and adhere ribbon, allowing 1” extensions on each end
    • Turn under raw ends of ribbon and wrap extensions over both ends and stitch
    • Stitch both ends together
    • If band narrows at the ends, fold extra ribbon to the inside evenly on both sides and stitch

    .Love Those Flowers?  Here's how it's done:

    Ribbon headbands


    • Ribbon ( 1½” wide)…36”     
    • Wire:  …8”
    • Bead or button for center of flower
    • 2 ribbon leaves
    • Gathered green ribbon (3/8” wide)…4”
    • Thread to match plaid and green
    • Permanent glue stick.


    • Center a bead or button on the wire, then tightly twist the wire into a stem
    • Cut ribbon into two 18” pieces, prepare both per ILLUSTRATION #1 below      
    • Hold the end folds in place with a dab of glue
    • Expose the ribbon’s wire at point B
    • Holding wire in place at point A, carefully pull exposed wire from B to create gathers.
    Ribbon headbands
    • Place the stem on the gathered ribbon at point A, as in ILLUSTRATION #2
    • Roll ribbon once or twice around the stem, keeping gathers fairly even
    • Tack ribbon in place through several rolled layers, keeping gathers balanced and the roll secure as you go.
    • Repeat for the second ribbon and finish by checking the rolled ribbon and making any necessary adjustments.
    • Carefully tack one end of the narrow gathered green ribbon to the flower’s base
    • Wrap it around the wire stem 2 – 3 times, not pulling out the gathers.
    • Use a few stitches to secure the gathered band at the base of the flower.
    • Pull the remainder of this ribbon flat and wrap it tightly around the wire stem.
    • Secure the end with a few stitches and a dab of glue if needed.
    • Stitch the 2 faux suede leaves  to the stem
    • Sew the bloom onto the band where it suites you best.

    I’m going to Make Me Some of these Fun Sweet Hair embellishments. I simply LOVE them…!!  Just think of all the uses they have. You could make Ribbon Flowers  to add a Touch of Charm any where you place them…:)

    Poof Fairy It’s Adorable…!!!


    1. WOW! Those are super pretty!
      If only I had a little girl... I'd be all over this!!

    2. How adorable. I wish my girls were still young enough to wear these.

    3. I love each one. I never had any girls, but I have a wonderful son and grandson. Something tells me they won't go for this. ;-)

      Maybe God was saving my pocketbook by giving me boys.

      I hope you are getting better every day.

    4. Lovely blog! Thanks for posting these ideas...I have 3 girls and they will look adorable in them!



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