August 16, 2009

Banana Milk Cake

While at the beach last year, spending some priceless time with my Mom and Aunts, I ask them HOW TO MAKE a Milk Cake. I’d recently had some from a cafe and it was So Delicious. I remembered my grandmother making something similar to this and I wanted to know the method for this yummy flavor that seeped through all the layers.

Beach 1

My aunts and Mom only knew that my grandmother mixed Sugar and Milk together and boiled it on the stove until all the sugar was dissolved and somewhat thickened.  Then this Sweet Sticky Syrup was poured down into the cake layers by poking them with a knife to open up small slits for the sweet stuff to run down into. Then More Milky Syrup was poured over the entire layer that covered it as it drizzled down the outside edges.

Beach 2 This cake was made with a Cake Box Mix…Yellow Layers… For the Sweet Milk Mixture she used about a Cup of Sugar and stirred in about one and a half cups of milk. Yes, I know, YOU want the exact measurements, right. Sorry, this is how my grandmother cooked. A pinch of this and a Dash of that..!!!  We added bananas on top and between the layers. Of course you can add Your Favorite Fruit or be creative with these Yummy Sticky Layers of Cake and dream up your own concoction.

OK…If YOU have made a Milk Cake similar to this, Please tell Me your recipe or method. I’d LOVE to hear from YOU…!!!

I will be expanding this idea to create more Yummy Sticky Desserts.  Oh, and by way, it was Simply Delicious…!!!!

Poof Fairy It was GONE…!!!


  1. It looks so super yummy. The pictures are so fabulous that I can almost taste it!!!!!

  2. Wow..that looks great! I have never had a milk cake before.

    Received your card in the mail today....made me feel closer to you. Wish we lived closer so I could come help you get around!

  3. It looks delicious and sounds a lot like a tres leche cake. I'll have to do a little investigative work to be sure.:) I'll let you know!

  4. Yum, yum. I can almost taste it. Now, if only I had a real slice and a cup of coffee.

    I think of you often, and hope you are feeling better every day.

  5. I've never heard of Milk Cake before but I want one badly!! If you get the recipe please post it. I'll be searching throuh some of my old cookbooks.

  6. oh my heavens - yum and YUM.

    Everything you do is so incredibly drool-worthy!




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