August 04, 2009


I promised you some Show Excitement so here goes…..First up, SHE was here….Marie Osmond, and WE got to Meet HER…!!! We arrived at the showroom early and there she was. Our first glimpse.Marie 9 I usually don’t get caught up in Celebrity sightings or signings, but for  some reason, I found this very interesting and just fell right into the whole Exciting Buzz…!!! I found a Perfect Spot right beside all the action….AND noticed a camera crew with equipment flung everywhere, setting up Lights…Cameras…and setting the stage for WHAT..???  Found out that Entertainment Tonight was going to Interview HER for a TV segment….Oh wow, now THIS was something I wanted to observe…:) So I dared Not to Move from My Spot…!!!  And I had a good one…!!!
Marie 11 Marie 10 The lady there on the right was The Interviewer and she sat in Marie’s seat while they made their adjustments and got everything Camera Ready…Excitement was building as crowds started to gather in and around the showroom. Soon after, Here she comes….And was meeting her interviewer from ET…!!! 
Marie 7 Marie 8

LOOK how Tiny she is…!!! She must be a Triple Zero…Really, she was very, very thin…:) She came over and took her seat and people were all over her….Primping…moving each little strand of hair in it’s perfect spot. SHE already looked Perfect to me…:)
Marie 12 Marie 13
Marie 3 Soon it was time for the cameras to roll and the interview started. They taped small bits at a time, stopping to check hair and makeup every few minutes. The interviewer in the seat across from Marie was not seen on camera and since I Missed it on TV, I’m not sure how they did this….
Marie 4 Marie 2

When the interview was over, they headed inside the showroom to talk about her new product line…..She has a New Line of Bags…and Home Decor and was there for the Big Launch…!!!

Marie 5 Marie 6 Watch for these pretty bags in a store near You this Fall…!!!
Then it was time for Pictures and Autographs… and oh boy, did the crowds get Thick…:)
But we hung around until we got a “Signed Book and Picture from her. SHE was So Nice and personal with everyone.
Marie 18 Marie1
It was a Fun Day at Market….and I got to go Play for a bit, leaving my hubby in Our Booth helping buyers and writing orders. I don’t think they Missed ME…!!! 
Missy gets a hug and picture from one of ET’s camera crew….
Marie 17 Marie 16
Then we were OFF to Find More exciting products and who knew what might be around the Next Corner….:) Eventually I had to get back to MY BOOTH to work, but I was happy for the Fun Break and time away to experience something different….something that doesn’t come along everyday….

I have TWO more Exciting things to Share with You….Watch for them later this week….Until then, take time to do something out of the ordinary, put your Work Down….GO….Look for that exciting adventure. I’m so glad I did. Who knew, that a few days after I made these pictures, I’d be sitting here with a Broken Knee…!!! Don’t wait for life to just happen, Go out and Find It…!!!
Poof Fairy You’ll be Happy you did….:)
Love and Hugs,


  1. wow! How exciting! She looked beautiful and you got some great shots of her!

  2. WOW....great spot...awesome pics. She looks so beautiful and yes, she sure is tiny!

  3. How fun! I think Marie is a very beautiful woman. It sounds like she was as nice as she seems.

  4. Super cool! That's a great picture you took with her too!!!! She does look tiny... guess Nutrisystem is paying off :)

  5. Oh Marie looks great and so do you!:)

  6. Dianne, how awesome!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. And by the way, I'm totally jealous.

  7. I am new to your blog and I do believe it is going to be one of my favorites! I was reading your past blogs and oh my goodness, I hope you are feeling better and your knee is on the mend! I will be back to visit!



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