July 07, 2009

Fresh Squeezed

When the girls arrived on the Fourth….I ask if they’d like to help make the Lemonade..
Lemonade 13
They both jumped right in and as we were getting out the Lemons, Cassie went right over to my cabinet and took out one of my New Treasures that I had just found. You know, one of those things that you buyNot to Use…but just enjoy looking at…!! I have A Lot of those goodies around my home.

I found this pretty juicer at Anthropologie and snatched it up right away. I’ve NEVER USED one of these. I guess because my  Mom never had one so I never really knew what they were.

Lemonade 9 Since I only had ONE….and Carly was standing there looking as if SHE was left out, not having her very own Lemon Juicer…I headed downstairs to dig and search for another one that I knew existed Somewhere in all my collections of STUFF….and I found it.
Lemonade 5 Whew…saved by the antique Jucier/Pitcher that I’ve had for Years and Never Used…!!!! I even have matching glasses for this one…:) OK…they BOTH were HAPPY now and the Fun began….:)
Lemonade 8 So the Squeezing Fun began and Fresh Lemonade was about to be enjoyed..
Lemonade 4 Lemonade 12
They were Very Picky about removing All the Seeds and scrapped the pulp out to make sure all the flavor was would be added in.
Lemonade 6 Lemonade 11
After the Squeezing was done, it was time to Mix with Sugar and cold water and pour our Fresh Juicy Drink into my charming Lemonade Server…:)

 Lemonade 10Lemonade 3

Who could have guessed that Making Lemonade would have been So Much Fun…!!!

Lemonade 14

And oh how Fast it disappeared….!!!! So fast that I never got pictures of it being enjoyed…. But the most fun of all was having My Girls here with me and seeing them having Fun in the Kitchen…
Lemonade13Something so simple as Squeezing Lemons became treasured memories…and made our 4th of July holiday Fun and Sweet…:) 
When life gives you Lemons….Squeeze them…add Sugar
Poof FairyLife is Sweet…!!!
Love and Hugs,


  1. It looked like you had a blast amking lemonade! The girls are so pretty! Love the flower juicer. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Dianne, I know just what you mean. I love doing things with my family. My grandson and I bake cookies together, and I enjoy every second.

    Your girls are darling. They just proved that we need to get out all of our things, and use them.

  3. What a fun time -- just doing something simple like making lemonade! And no batteries required either! LOL!

  4. I love your new blog and will add it to my list. Your new juicer is adorable and making lemonade sounds like fun.

  5. HI Visiting your blog... very nice home you have ^_^

    Have a nice day..

  6. Dianne
    Hello!What a fun and adorable site, I love it! I really loved the previous post that had the home image and verse! Is that one that anyone could post and tell about your site on theirs? I see your side bar had one but this one is bigger and fabulous! I won't even think of copying it or using it if you chose to keep it solely for your site.Welcome to blogland,Lori

  7. P.S. Diane it begins lets play house,Lori



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