October 17, 2010

And The Winner IS…

Congratulations to Joy Hager…!!! YOU have won my Halloween Give-A-Way…!!!
I couldn’t find your email address though, so when you SEE THIS, please send over your shipping address so I can get your goodies on their way to you..:)  Here’s a few fun pictures I made while putting out my Halloween decorations the other week. A Spooky Hostess holds a cluster of Paper Straws….
Grab one if you dare…!!!
Halloween Gray Straws Med  And this fuzzy dude is dangling from my chandelier over the table in our breakfast room….Keeping watch on anyone who ENTERS THE SIDE DOOR…!!
Cupcake Papers and More 058Cupcake Papers and More 071 Cupcake Papers and More 076
 Thanks EVERYONE who visited me while I was away last week Celebrating our 30th Anniversary. And I just HAVE TO SHARE this with you. Our anniversary was 10-10-10 which added up to 30. ( 30 Years)…But our TENS continued the next day when we flew away.  Our seats on the plane were on the 10th Row……then when we arrived in Vegas, and got in line for a taxi to our hotel, we were directed to TAXI NUMBER  10…..And then when checking in at our hotel, we were put on the 10th Floor….!!!!

OK…I KNEW right then that WE would be bringing home a BIG JACKPOT….!!! So I looked for and played every X10 slot machine I could find…..However, the only BIG WINNERS were of course The Casinos….!!! But I still had my wonderful sweet hubby that I won 30 years ago, so I just brought HIM on back home with me….:) I’m a LUCKY GIRL…!!!!

Stop by Joy’s blog to congratulate her on winning my Give-A-Way. Visit her at: www.joyhager.blogspot.com

I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS to share with you next time. Maybe in just a couple of days. So keep checking back. Actually I have several fun things to share.!!!
hh_sig I’ll be back Real Soon…:)

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  1. Congratulations to Joy!

    And, I am so glad you had such a wonderful time. I do believe ten is a good number for you.



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