December 15, 2009

Gingerbread and Polka Dots

Holiday 23I LOVE Polka Dots….and checks and ribbons and Warm Cozy Spaces that make you SMILE…:)  I tied up these fun and charming felted ball ornaments on the light fixture over our kitchen island and bunched it up with red and white dotted ribbon….
Holiday 16 Holiday 22
This was very easy to do since I just poked and tucked the greenery up into the fixture….made my bows and added the ornaments….
Holiday 25I carried my Polka Dot theme over to the table with fun red dotted mats and added More Dots in Happy Lime Green to make it all POP…!!!
Holiday 11 Found these cute little Christmas Tree napkin holders while out shopping. Love the bow topper and red and green DOTS…!!!! I always use TWO Napkins on my mats. It just adds much more charm and texture when mixing patterns and colors together. This is HOW I POOF my Napkins…..
Holiday 13I open them up….grab the center and laying one on top of the other, just crunch it all up and insert though your napkin ring….and POOF…it’s Fluffy…Prissy…and adorable…!!! Here is each napkin used alone. See the difference it makes…..
Holiday 14   Holiday 15 
Holiday 12 I used the same bowl of greenery that I move from place to place and poke different flowers and embellishments in to suit the season….
Holiday 21All I did was tuck these cute little Gingerbread Boy and Girl snuggled in on each side of a Red Stripe Candle….:)
Holiday 17  Holiday 20
And POOF….It was done….
Holiday 18   Almost time to….Celebrate….!!!  Just a little more Shopping and Poofing to get done. 
Holiday 19More Holiday Poofing in a day or so…See you then..:)

Poof Fairy 2 

Back to work….!!!


  1. Your holiday poofing is wonderful! I love what you did to the chandie....

  2. Dianne, you are the poofer extraordinaire. I bow to your endless talents.



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