October 01, 2009

Falling In Love

I LOVE Fall….Leaves floating down and gently landing on still green lawns, Pumpkins on porches waiting to be carved into silly personalities, Haystacks adorned with giant orange ribbons and fireplaces stacked with fresh cut wood….A time to dig out our sweaters and cuddle up with a steamy cup of Hot Cocoa….!!! 

Fall 4AND…..I truly DID fall in LOVE in the fall. With my wonderful hubby of almost 29 years. Our anniversary is October 10… It’s such a cozy season, a time to “Snuggle Up” close to someone you love.

Fall 2 medCozy candlelight and bright warm colors of yellow..red..orange and browns.
Fall 1 medFall 8 Fall 7
Gather round the kitchen for hot plates filled with “Comfort Food”…
Fall 6I LOVE cozy spaces filled with some of My Favorite Things…
Fall 13And groupings of seasonal treasures to set the mood….
Fall 3 medFall 9   Fall 15     
Fall ribbons wrapped and tucked around cake stands and plate holders…Yellow and green layered napkins placed on a French Country placemat…

Fall 12 I don’t know about YOU, but I’m ready to put a Big Pot of Stew on the stove and take it out on the porch to slowly enjoy the warmth of this beautiful season…!!!
Fall 16 I’ve already used my fireplace this week…So cozy and warm…AND I have my sweaters handy for nippy mornings and cooler nights. Snuggle up close to someone this week. Light a candle and make a yummy dish to share. I think I’ll try a New Recipe this week…maybe a casserole. And I’ll be back to Share it with YOU…:)
Poof Fairy I’m in LOVE…!!!



  1. Hi Dianne!
    Your home looks lovely all dressed up for fall! Happy early Anniversary! Kent and I celebrated our 30th in June.
    p.s.. can I come over for some of that stew?

  2. Your kitchen is just beautiful. Can you tell us where you got the Savor/Flavor salt and pepper shakers? Each time you post I always think...where did she get that?

  3. Your blog is beautiful! I enjoy every visit. Your creativity and ablity to show a warm, cozy home, always makes one feel invited. Happy Anniversary to the two of you!

  4. ok, now I'm having "fall envy" LOL Love your tablescape!


  5. Because I think your blog is a Blog of Gold...come see your award.


  6. Hi, Sweetjeanette (above), referred me to your site. It is so "warm & fuzzy". I will be back again. I especially like the candle holders in your second pic. I'm going to look for some--I'm hoping I can find some homeless ones and spruce them up with white spray paint!

  7. Humm?! I sure thought I had left you a comment on this post. Oh well, so much for my brain.

    Your home looks so pretty and inviting. You have such a great eye for decorating.

    Have a wonderful anniversary. We just celebrated number thirty-nine.



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