August 30, 2009

Shopping Therapy

Halloween 09 18 After a looooong Seven Weeks confined at home and only leaving to go to  Hospital, Doctor and Physical Therapy, Yesterday was My Day..!!! Bill packed ME up in the car and we Took Off down the road to my favorite shopping place an hour and twenty minutes away.

Needless to say, it WAS much harder than I expected, however it felt SO Good to get OUT..!!! Our first stop was my Favorite StoreHome Goods…  And look what I found….:):):)
The store was loaded with Bright Rich Warm Colors of Fall…packed full of hard to resist treasures….
Halloween 09

I fell in LOVE with HER….So charming and just sitting there Waiting for ME…!!!! And only $9.99…She will be perfect with my other vintage collections. NOW, I usually don’t Show You what I have until it all finds the perfect little spot to perch for the season. But…since it will take me a “little longer” this year, (can’t Move as Fast) as before, I thought YOU might want to SEE my goodies so you can hurry out and grab them for yourselves before they are “All Gone”…!!!
Halloween 09 3

Then I found this “Trick or Treat” box adorned with this wonderful pumpkin on top.  Price..??? $6.99 Can you believe it…!!!

Halloween 09 2 And “What A Hoot”…!!!  Couldn’t resist this Wise ole fellow….Cost me $7.99
Halloween 09 4 Then  on to the Next Store….Pottery Barn…
Halloween 09 10LOVED these Flowers…and the yellow Tuscon stoneware pot.   Remember…nothing is “Arranged ”…
just poked inside for Pictures..!!! I was hoping this large vase of flowers would sit on my kitchen counter. Not sure yet…we’ll have to see Where it Looks Best..:) 
Halloween 09 5
And Napkin Rings to match. These will look perfect on my Fall Table… 
Halloween 09 7 Halloween 09 6
And now for My Favorite Find of the day…..Ta da…..Just LOOK at this Beautiful felt pillow…Layers and layers of scalloped felt that leads up to a Pretty Petal at the top…:)
Halloween 09 13My pictures Do Not show the True Beauty of this gorgeous pillow.  One of my favorite chairs in a pretty shade of green silk with embroidered flowers needed a Perfect Pillow to add charm but not take away from the chair itself. When I Spotted this Beauty, I snatched it up immediately. It’s Perfect. I Wish YOU could See the True Color of both the chair and the pillow. Rich..Warm..Charming.
Halloween 09 11 Halloween 09 17 
  OK…..If you LOVE my goodies, then HURRY on over to Home Goods, where you will find the Best Quality products at a fraction of what they cost in other stores….:) LOVE THAT STORE…!!!!  Not so lucky at Pottery Barn though, however when “ Ya Gotta “ have it , well, you just pay the price, take it home and Love it….:)

First day Out yesterday…since accident. Except for hospital, doctor and physical therapy.!! Going out for the day and first time in public in a wheel chair, Nice but harder than I expected….Then I saw a younger lady on crutches with ONE LEG…
I whispered “Thank You God” that mine is only broken. What blessings we have if we only OPEN OUR EYES….!!! Count ALL your blessings each day…
 Poof Fairy More will come your way…:)



  1. I;m so happy you got out and had such a wonderful time. I love all your wonderful new finds. I wish we had a Home Goods here, it sounds wonderful. I love Pottery Barn too but they can be kind of expensive. Your pillow is dreamy, good choice. Enjoy your week.

  2. Oh, you found such neat things yesterday! Wow! I especially LOVE that little pumpkinhead girl! SO Adorable!!!
    Glad you were able to get out and enjoy the day!
    Hugs, Jenny

  3. I'm so glad you got some shopping therapy. I love it when you go shopping because you find the coolest things.

  4. So glad you were able to get out and about! Miss Pumpkin is precious and your new pillow is gorgeous! You're right. It's perfect with your sweet chair!

  5. YEAH! Glad you got to go out....It looks like you had a lot of fun at Home Goods ad Pottery Barn....

    There is nothing that beats a little retail therapy.

  6. So glad I came across your blog today! It is beautiful and fun and so very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your world with us! Twyla

  7. yay you got out for a bit...glad you are on your way to recovering!! I love HOME GOODS.. Hugs Grace



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